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Prairie Waters School Students Stand Up To Bullying

February 24th had the students at Prairie Waters Elementary school decked out in pink to show their support for the anti-bullying movement known as ‘Pink Shirt Day’.

The Chestermere Anchor - Mar 3, 2016

Anti-bullying buttons a way to show support

The annual Pretty in Pink fundraising campaign – initiated by individuals in Chestermere Synergy’s Youth Encouraging Lasting Leadership (YELL) program.

Rocky View Weekly - Feb 12, 2016

Recognizing the signs of bullying

Students across Rocky View County will gather to recognize Pink Shirt Day on Feb. 24. Pink Shirt Day is held each year in Canada to promote anti-bullying.

Rocky View Weekly - Feb 12, 2016

New Centre For Community Leadership

It is no secret that many organizations and not for profits in Chestermere are crippled in what they can provide due to lack of operating space within the city.

The Chestermere Anchor - Feb 11, 2016

Synergy Goes Pink

Get your ‘Pretty In Pink’ button today to take a stand against bullying and help raise funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

The Chestermere Anchor - Feb 11, 2016

Chestermere Organization Recipient of Donated Car From ATB

Synergy is always easy to spot here in Chestermere, but now thanks to ATB's generation donation of a new car, they'll be even easier to spot.

The Chestermere Anchor - Jan 29, 2016

A Nine Year Pumpkin Tradition

Nothing gets you in the mood for Halloween more than finding that perfect pumpkin that will be carved into a spook jack o’ lantern.

The Chestermere Anchor - Oct 22, 2015

SYNERGY executive director awarded AUMA Above and Beyond Award

Patty Sproule, Executive Director of SYNERGY, has been awarded the 2015 Alberta Urban Municipal Association’s (AUMA) Above and Beyond award.

Rocky View Weekly - Oct 19, 2015

Langdon Legacies

Langdon Alberta is a vibrant, growing hamlet rich with residents who care about their neighbours and the community as a whole.

Langdon News - October 2015 

City of Chestermere 2015 Flood Response Summary

Synergy began coordinating organizations and groups offering to help flood affected residents. This coordination continued for several weeks.

The Chestermere Anchor - Sep 23, 2015

World Suicide Prevention Day

It is rare to find someone that hasn’t been affected by suicide.

The Chestermere Anchor - Sep 17, 2015

Not Just Another Water Fight

Kids filled their water guns and ran over to the fire truck hoping to spray the fire fightrers….. then this happened….

The Chestermere Anchor - Aug 14, 2015

RCMP in Chestermere handing out positive tickets to teens for positive acts

Police in Chestermere will be keeping an especially close eye out for teenagers up to good this year.

Calgary Sun - Jul 6, 2015

Youth council hosts all candidates forum for Chestermere-Rocky View

The City of Chestermere’s youth council, Youth Encouraging Lasting Leadership (YELL), is hosting an All Candidates Forum for Chestermere–Rocky View on April 29.

Rocky View Weekly - Apr 20, 2015

YELL Delivers Powerful Message

One of the things that the YELL youth of Synergy are most passionate about is inclusion. The belief and willingness to accept all members of the community, even the world, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or social status.  

The Chestermere Anchor - Mar 5, 2015

Kids Ready to Join the Circus

During the Christmas break, many parents wonder what to do with their kids to keep them entertained so that the dreaded phrase “I’m bored” is not heard.

The Chestermere Anchor - Jan 9, 2015

Amazing Youth….. Amazing Cause

Just as their name suggests, the youth of YELL (Youth Encouraging Lasting Leadership) are making quite the noise when it comes to their fundraising and volunteerism in Chestermere & Langdon.

The Chestermere Anchor - Sep 26, 2014