As a supporter, your contribution allows Synergy to develop healthier communities. To continue this essential work, we need you. Whether you choose to support today’s work, future work or a specific initiative, 100% of your donation will make a profound difference.

We all have something unique to contribute! Synergy has a variety of engagement opportunities suitable for our vibrant community of leaders:

  • Taking a class or workshop with us to learn leadership skills
  • Make use of leadership resources and content
  • Observe others lead and seek guidance
  • Become a mentor
  • Jump in and practice your leadership qualities
  • Lead and participate in ways that energize you and help you grow
  • Work on initiatives that are meaningful to you
  • Take on challenges that are exciting and fulfilling
  • Spend time encouraging, organizing and supporting the leadership potential of others
  • Financially support Synergy Programs and Services

You’re the only one who can decide what kind of responsibility you would like to take to improve your community. Someone has to...and it might as well be you!


Thank you! Your gift is so important!

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