What you can find here:  You can watch the Facebook Live stream (previously recorded) of the Forum on the Synergy Facebook Page. Ever wonder how questions are selected that get asked at the forum?  Find out HERE! Read all the questions and answers from the forum HERE! *Synergy, YELL Youth Council,

The ReidBuilt Centre for Community Leadership is happy to announce our phones are up and running! (403) – 212 – 0242 You can reach the offices of Synergy & Lakeridge Community Church (Please note that Synergy’s old phone number is no longer in service)


  ChildSafe programming is happening again soon! Be sure to register as soon as possible! Home Alone is a  safety training program for youth age 10 years + (younger siblings can attend).  Participants will learn the skills needed to safely and confidently stay at home alone through interactive games and role